We Recycle your Hazardous, Non Hazardous, Liquids, Solids, Aerosols disposals

We are a dependable, vertically integrated company, a proud member of a renowned long-lasting cement group. We "Close the Circle" by converting waste into energy, fueling our specially certified kilns, and ensuring a zero-landfill process for all your disposal needs. We recycle hazardous and non-hazardous liquids, solids, debris, steel drums, and containers. In addition, we're pleased to offer a 100% recycling process for aerosols.

Our four strategically located facilities in the East allow us to service a broad geographic area, always upholding the highest safety standards and environmental responsibility. Every operation is meticulously overseen by our skilled team and revitalized leadership, ensuring quality, safety, and efficiency in every service we deliver.

Committed to safety, compliance, recycling, and sustainable solutions.

  • Committed to safety, compliance, and recycle and sustainable solution. Extensive support to help customers improve their waste management procedures. Multiple locations working together to handle a wide range of wastes. Fast processing from receipt to recycling into fuel to thermal destruction

Get to Know Us

Our people make the difference Our exceptional team of dedicated employees make it easy for you to manage containerized and bulk waste anywhere in the eastern half of the country. GRR! has achieved a strong relationship with the local community by encouraging its employees to be active in the local community.
Training We provide employees with training designed to ensure our facilities operate in a safe, compliant, and environmentally responsible manner.  Our training is performed in accordance with applicable state and federal regulations.
Sustainability Our sustainability values align with those of our parent company, Giant Cement Holding, Inc.  GRR!’s processes include blending wastes for cement kiln fuel, feeding solid waste directly into the kiln, recycling aerosol waste, as well as other sustainable waste treatment methods - landfill is generally our last option.   GRR! displaces approximately 70,000 tons of coal and natural gas by recycling waste materials into fuels for cement kilns, thereby avoiding the placement of other industries wastes in landfills or being burned for incineration.     
Recycling GRR! blends wastes for fuels to power cement kilns utilizing sophisticated testing, loading and storage facilities that follow the strict guidelines set forth by the state and federal environmental agencies.

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Multiple locations working together to handle a wide range of wastes

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