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GRR! Keystone -Bath, PA

Fully Permitted TSDF and Cement Kiln - (610) 837-1881

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Keystone Cement is one of the Country’s oldest continuously operating Cement kilns beginning operations in 1928 providing portland cement to northeast’s largest construction projects for over 90 years. Keystone recognized the need and opportunity to utilize waste organic fuels, and in 1976 became the first cement company in the United States to have an energy recovery program. With advent of RCRA regulations Keystone was one of the first RCRA regulated facilities to process hazardous waste liquid solvents, liquid petroleum waste, and RCRA regulated liquid organics…the first sustainable hazardous waste management regulated facility that replaces the use of virgin fossil fuels.

One of only two RCRA permitted Boiler & Industrial Furnaces in the New England and MidAtlantic region, Keystone combusts hazardous waste liquids, significantly reduces transportation costs, improving the northeast sustainable footprint.

Out parent company, is committed to Keystone and sustainability by providing capital expansion 2021/2022 to increase our tank storage capacity and provide rail transit in and out of Keystone to link up with our sister plant Giant Cement in Harleyville SC and Giant Resource Recovery in Sumter SC.

Keystone cement, we utilize your hazardous waste BTU’s.

Phone: (610) 837-1881

Route 329, PO Box A

Bath, PA 18014

EPA ID No. PAD002389559

Fully Permitted RCRA Hazardous Waste TSDF

Giant Cement owned Cement Kiln

Giant Resource Recovery - Keystone - Bath, PA